Maybe Mona Lisa would have cracked a real smile if she had been more confident in her teeth!

All jokes aside, you don’t have to live every day embarrassed by your own smile. Orthodontic treatments today are much more desirable than those of yesteryear. There are a lot of good reasons to straighten your teeth, both functional and aesthetic. And there are a lot of good times in your life to commit to treatment – like now! But how do you decide among all of your options for teeth straightening?

St. Johns orthodontist Dr. Peter Shih can help you understand your options.

A Healthy Bite

In an ideal world, your top teeth should rest down and in line with their opposing tooth on the bottom. This helps you smile, chew, and speak smoothly. If you have any problems with this, like a crooked tooth or odd spacing between teeth, you’ve got an improper bite. Improper bites (also called malocclusion) can cause overbite, underbite, and crossbite. An improper bite can make you self-conscious of your smile and can cause excessive stress and forces on your teeth and jaw joint (TMJ).

Orthodontics is a dental treatment that slowly moves your teeth and jaw to help your teeth line up better. The metallic “train tracks” found on nearly every middle schooler, and the removable retainer likely gathering dust in your medicine cabinet are both types of orthodontic appliances.

If you’d like the benefit of a smile makeover without the metallic dramatics, you’re in good company. Many people are interested in clear aligner braces like Invisalign® for all of the orthodontic benefits and none of the obvious metal mouth.

Clear Aligner Braces Advantages

  • Clear aligners are clear and sleek
  • They are not distracting
  • They look professional for work environments
  • They are removable for cleaning and eating
  • They provide great results

Choosing Orthodontics

Not all orthodontic cases can be treated with clear aligners and traditional braces are required as a solution. Jacksonville Modern Orthodontics can provide a professional opinion and help you decide which type of orthodontics is right for your individual smile.  Make an appointment today for a consultation and to learn how to achieve your best smile!

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