Office Closure Due to COVID-19

The best part of being an orthodontist is caring for people and changing lives. Due to concern around COVID-19, Jacksonville Modern Orthodontics will be closed from Tuesday, March 24 through Friday, April 3. We will reevaluate as we gain more information. Although the coronavirus is keeping us apart, our team is excited to share a new way […]

I Had Braces, Now My Jaw Hurts: Can Orthodontics Cause TMJ?

You had braces when you were younger and never experienced any jaw pain or other TMJ symptoms prior. Then, after you completed your orthodontic treatment, you developed a pain in your jaw, maybe accompanied by popping, locking, clenching and grinding. Maybe you developed these symptoms shortly after having your braces removed, maybe it was a […]

Why Haven’t My Child’s Permanent Teeth Come In?

If your child’s permanent adult teeth haven’t emerged in a timely manner, you may wonder if there is a reason to worry. Jacksonville Modern Orthodontics would like to share a few possible reasons permanent adult teeth can be delayed. Is There Enough Space for the New Teeth to Grow? The most common reason for permanent teeth to […]

Your Options for Teeth Straightening

Maybe Mona Lisa would have cracked a real smile if she had been more confident in her teeth! All jokes aside, you don’t have to live every day embarrassed by your own smile. Orthodontic treatments today are much more desirable than those of yesteryear. There are a lot of good reasons to straighten your teeth, […]

Am I Too Old for Braces?

How old is too old for braces? It’s an interesting question—and the answer may surprise you! Jacksonville Modern Orthodontics would like to share some information with readers today regarding patient age as it relates to orthodontic treatment. Spoiler Alert! Patient age alone is not a deal-breaker when it comes to successful orthodontic treatment outcomes, so what’s the determining factor? […]